A New Pastel Set

The Unveiling

Oh boy, I’m so very excited about these! You can’t beat a new pastel set. I’ve loved pastels since I was a little girl. The feel of them are so different than anything else. Each one with brilliant color and they can be manipulate in a variety of ways.

A Lovely Unveiling

I am so grateful to actually be able to get these. Quality tools always matter, they can make things easier or better. These pastel sticks are loaded with pigment, are easy to blend and just feel wonderful. So simple and yet so complicated. An unforgettable experience for me. I’ve always wanted such an extensive set.

New Works with a New Pastel Set

This is one of my first works with these new Sennelier Pastels. I started this particular piece a long time ago with some pastels that were not quite the best. The difference when I applied these pastels to the old drawing was unbelievable., they flowed like butter onto the paper. I had no problem getting the colors and brilliance I was shooting for. Now I understand the meaning of pastel “painting”.


Do yourself a favor if you are in the market and give them a try. Sennelier 40 Half Pastel Boxed Set They have many different size sets with sets geared towards landscape or portrait painters, therefore I may be in the market soon for a plein air set. Like this one Sennelier Oil Pastel 36 Plein Air Wood Box.

A Soft Dreamy Landscape.
A Soft and Dreamy Landscape

This piece was done with alcohol and a paint brush. I laid down where I wanted my colors and then pushed around the pigment. It was great fun and I can see myself doing more of these because I really like the look of this. I found it free and inspiring, without a doubt, these are the best I’ve ever used

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle

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Happy New Year

Goodbye 2019

Happy New Year to my artistic friends! I am excited and sad to see this year go because I feel like I haven’t accomplished all I set out to do. It is a bittersweet thing. There never seems to be enough time. I struggle with making time for my art, I have so many responsibilities. Being a Mom has its rewards and I love my children and family. Maybe I need to start to try noticing what exactly it is I allow to steal my time.

I did have this piece in a show recently for a local library, this show was all about text in art and I was proud to have this piece in there. While I did other shows too I want to do more and interacting with more artists would be something I want to continue. It is fun hanging out with them for the most part, I will not let negativity intimidate me.

Just get your canvas here 8 x 10 Inch Stretched Canvas Value Pack of 10 and get going experimenting, it is lots of fun. Be creative and find your tribe.

Hello 2020 Happy New Year!

There is so much art I want to explore and I may struggle to find the time but onwards I will go. There is abstracts, landscapes and creative things to delve into. I want to do more oils, acrylic, sketching, watercolors and pencil. My first love was pastels and I wish to return to them because I miss the qualities they have, nothing really compares to them although oils come close.
I am so excited to build upon what I’ve learned and to keep learning. I want to be more prolific, so I am going to try to plan my days out better.

Hope for the New Year

My hope is for my art to really mean something in the end. I hope to touch people’s hearts and minds, but who am I? If someone gets something out of my art I am happy. Looking forward, watch for new additional art for sale here https://den-of-art.com/shop
If you didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays, maybe now is a great time to invest in yourself. This set would be great for any artist.

XL Drawing Set – Sketching, Graphite and Charcoal Pencils. Includes 100 Page Drawing Pad, Kneaded Eraser, Blending Stump. Art Kit and Supplies for Kids, Teens and Adults.

This set would be great for on the go. I think I have an addiction to art supplies, but they do help to get the creative juices flowing.

Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set – Art Supplies for Drawing, Painting and More in a Compact, Portable Case – Makes a Great Gift for Beginner and Serious Artists

So, for now we celebrate this old year and the new with everything that it means to each and everyone of us filled with hope, peace and love. There will be work that has to be done and things to experience. Never give up.

Amscan Black Tie Affair New Year’s Party Kit for 50, Includes Top Hats, Cone Hats and Tiaras

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Editing Artwork with Software Apps

Editing Artwork

It has been a very interesting practice to change my artwork with software programs of all sorts. There are many programs out there and I would challenge you to check out as many as you can. Editing artwork with software apps is a great skill to learn.

Some Editing Advice

Do not just use an automatic program to change another persons work, or to push a simple button for one change. Go beyond the filtering capabilities that today’s programs can offer. Create your own awesome artwork as much as possible. Be original. Bring the idea farther, explore what can be achieved. Sometimes all you may need to get a great result on something you have created is that one special effect that you could not get so quickly in real life. Your one painting can have many results, each as spectacular as the original.

Painting of Nude Male edited with a computer app.
Edited Study of Male Form

Procreate is a great program and is very versatile. There are illustating programs that make things even easier. Most programs will cater to a particular purpose. Knowing what you are going to do will help you decide what programs to choose. You may start a work in one program and find it won’t do something you want to do and have to open it in a different program to further edit it.

The Creative Process

Seeing a piece in another way can highlight another form inside your work, changing it so much that it will inspire you to start a new painting based on what you have seen. It is all part of the creative process. The learning curve can be rough for some, but don’t give up and go slow learning how to navigate within these programs. It has paid off for me.

Sketch of a hand that will be edited with software apps.
Original Sketch

I can try things easily, like changing colors or adding a visual element. It is so easy to plan out a composition now more than ever before. Editing art with software apps opens many possibilities. Checking values and color temperatures in a painting is now available with just a push of a button.

Artwork edited with a software app.
Edited Sketch

Using these various programs for completing a work from beginning to end is a freeing exercise. No needing to use “real” paint, mineral spirits and not having to clean brushes is great. Changing colors easily and undoing it is a very valuable tool. Traveling, hiking and work on the go has been made very convenient. Using these programs for editing artwork can be a revelation.

A continuation of artwork edited with software apps.
Continuation of Computer Editing

List of programs to get you started with editing artwork with software apps.

If you have more suggestions that you think should be on the list, drop me a note.



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