My History and Experience

I am an artist, I live art. My Mom was an artist and I learned a lot from her. She learned from her Uncle. As I grew into an impetuous and impatient teenager, I found the time it took for her to create just one piece of art just really annoying. Skip ahead 10 or twenty years and I now see that some things are worth waiting for. I also see the value in quiet time, and the gratification that does not come instantly is sometimes worth a lot more. Finding peace in those times and also how thrilling it is to just create regardless of time has been a blessing. I feel closer to my Mom, almost as though she is speaking to me through my work. We become closer, together. She is with me.

Choosing a Career

When I was young I realized my Father owned a construction company, and my Mother was an artist, therefore an easy conclusion was made. Needing a way to be able to make money to live with and try to use my talents I thought I would be paying homage to both my parents at the same time. I decided to become an architect. Then changed my mind, actually wanting to just draw. I did become a drafter, finally settling on civil engineering. Going to school for this meant I was the only female in the class and ended up being the only student left to graduate. All the guys had dropped out. Back in those days we all drew by hand with pencils and ink on beautiful papers like Mylar, onion skin, and cloth paper. We did not use computers then and I loved it. I remember walking into the room and smelling the graphite and other accoutrements, feeling like I was at home. It was great for me to be able to use my talent and get paid for it.

The Future

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, everything was switched over to computers and I had to learn a new way. I missed the old way. No matter how exciting it is to design roads, buildings, highways and bridges, there are limitations to how creative you can be. Computers don’t scare me and I do have a lot of fun using them.  My history and experience is lending itself to a wonderful and rewarding career in the arts. Digital art is just beginning to be a bigger part of my life. Creating websites has now enabled me to still express my creative side. As technology evolves, I am looking forward to exploring new avenues and techniques. It is so exciting to create again, there are no limits.


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