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Contact me now! Do you have ideas, comments or want to contribute to the conversation? I have my subject matter and medium pretty well figured out however I would delve into others, hopefully just to learn more. I love to learn about art. Talking with my tribe always helps. I hope you found your tribe, as a matter of fact I think community always helps. Getting together with a peer group can help you grow as an artist. Maybe begin a peer group. Go to the museums and even take virtual tours. Find me on FB and lets chat.

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Need help with a website or charity event? Want to buy art? Have questions? Want to share?

Contact me! Let’s talk about art.



I can create professional websites for your personal use or your business. Besides this website, here are two examples.

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A lot of my art is now available on many cool products. I’ve worked on my shops for a while as well as periodically adding more artwork. There are great gifts for Weddings, Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and many more occasions.

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