New Works

New Artwork

This is some experimental and new artwork I have been doing. There is both digital artwork here and traditional pieces in oil, pastel and acrylic. Some art here was begun traditionally and then edited digitally. In this digital age I have found that I really enjoy doing digital work. I am available for commissions. I love to design Websites if you would like one.

My subject matter tends to be centered around nature and landscapes. Although I do abstracts and the occasional figures or still life. If the image I want to make is inspiring or beautiful to me, I hope it is to others as well. It is all about the feelings I get from my images. If it gives peace or some other emotion to someone else, then I feel I’ve done good work. I hope my art can distract you for even just a minute.

It is slow going trying to frame art. I find that I am very meticulous with the framing part of things. I believe it should have a nice finished look. This collection is something that I am proud of. It has taken me many years to be able to bring my art here and show it to you. A lot of learning and practice goes on when you are an artist. My love of the arts is something I carry around in my soul.

You can check out my homepage to see more art here.

A lot of my art is now available on many cool products. I’ve worked on my shops for a while as well as periodically adding more artwork. There are great gifts for Weddings, Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and many more occasions.