Editing Artwork with Software Apps

Editing Artwork

It has been a very interesting practice to change my artwork with software programs of all sorts. There are many programs out there and I would challenge you to check out as many as you can. Editing artwork with software apps is a great skill to learn.

Some Editing Advice

Do not just use an automatic program to change another persons work, or to push a simple button for one change. Go beyond the filtering capabilities that today’s programs can offer. Create your own awesome artwork as much as possible. Be original. Bring the idea farther, explore what can be achieved. Sometimes all you may need to get a great result on something you have created is that one special effect that you could not get so quickly in real life. Your one painting can have many results, each as spectacular as the original.

Painting of Nude Male edited with a computer app.
Edited Study of Male Form

Procreate is a great program and is very versatile. There are illustating programs that make things even easier. Most programs will cater to a particular purpose. Knowing what you are going to do will help you decide what programs to choose. You may start a work in one program and find it won’t do something you want to do and have to open it in a different program to further edit it.

The Creative Process

Seeing a piece in another way can highlight another form inside your work, changing it so much that it will inspire you to start a new painting based on what you have seen. It is all part of the creative process. The learning curve can be rough for some, but don’t give up and go slow learning how to navigate within these programs. It has paid off for me.

Sketch of a hand that will be edited with software apps.
Original Sketch

I can try things easily, like changing colors or adding a visual element. It is so easy to plan out a composition now more than ever before. Editing art with software apps opens many possibilities. Checking values and color temperatures in a painting is now available with just a push of a button.

Artwork edited with a software app.
Edited Sketch

Using these various programs for completing a work from beginning to end is a freeing exercise. No needing to use “real” paint, mineral spirits and not having to clean brushes is great. Changing colors easily and undoing it is a very valuable tool. Traveling, hiking and work on the go has been made very convenient. Using these programs for editing artwork can be a revelation.

A continuation of artwork edited with software apps.
Continuation of Computer Editing

List of programs to get you started with editing artwork with software apps.

If you have more suggestions that you think should be on the list, drop me a note.



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