A Twenty Minute Challenge

The Challenge

I was invited by a friend to take up a popular challenge online to produce works within 20 minutes and post them online. “The Twenty Minute Challenge” was to produce a piece of artwork within twenty minutes and I failed doing that. My topic was not something I was used to doing. I thought it would help me quickly improve that particular topic.

I love the shape of the human body, all it’s curves and subtle shapes and wanted to try to express that. Of course, trying to do a nude in 20 minutes is near impossible, there were many difficult moments of frustration. Maybe I should have done more research like reading more books on how to accomplish this and hopefully gain some tips and tricks. This one might have been good. Drawing the Female Nude (Art of Drawing)
No excuses! Throwing caution to the wind and being as brave as I could I dove in. None of these pieces were done in 20 minutes!!! Ughhhh!

This was my first 5 minute sketch.
My second 5 minute sketch.
The Female Form.

My 5 minute sketches came out okay and this was good, but that left me 15 minutes to throw some paint on there. A crazy thing for sure. It was interesting to see what happened. I liked the way her hair turned out.

The Male Form..

While the form works for me I absolutely am not keen on the color. In my opinion this one turned out the best out of 5. I may try some glazing over him to tone it down a bit.

The Male Form.

I did this digitally enhanced work with my painting and I am pleased with this one. Lots of fun playing around with it.

Challenge Conclusion

I don’t think there is anything wrong with working on these after the challenge period is over. These are studies and there really is not too much of a story in them, alternatively I found it interesting doing this.

I would take on a Twenty Minute Challenge again. While it was difficult, it was also freeing, as it allowed me to mess up, it was invaluable. In addition It was good to be more free with the brushwork and paint. While I did complete the challenge it was not always successful, but the takeaways are very useful.

Always exploring, experimenting and learning.


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