Why do I create art?

Why do I Create Art?

I create because I have to. It is like an electrical current going down my arm and I have to release it. They say I am made in the likeness of God and as such we have the ability to create in numerous ways. Why do I create art? I create for several reasons, one of them being to obtain relief for myself and others from the daily stress, grief and fear. All around us there is an unending amount of stress. The political atmosphere, unhappy relationships, lack of money, worries about the future and lack of health permeate our lives. If I can provide anyone with a moment away from these things I will be happy. The more moments of release the happier I am. It means something that is hard to put into words, it is just something I do, like a flower blooming in the sun, it opens up my soul to more possibilities.


The Rewards of Creativity

Creating art is an escape from the mundane, the daily grind of never ending chores or trouble. I can explore my emotions and challenge myself every time I try to create something therefore it helps me to grow as an individual. For me it takes courage and patience to paint or draw and in this way I help to teach myself these things. I hope to be an example to my children and others as well. It is a healthy outlet and pastime with many rewards. I would like some recognition for it too, creating art is a way to put myself out there. In every painting I am in it, it is an expression of myself. To show that is to uncover part of myself and open myself up to criticism whether it is something I should listen to or not is another story.

So there are many reasons I create art.